City Driving – Be Aware!

Long distance drivers are used to driving in different locations and terrains – but even for the most experienced driver, travelling through city locations can be challenging. Here’s what you should be aware of when driving LGVs through cities.

What are the roads like? It’s likely that in many cities drivers will experience complex road layouts to try and manage the large number of vehicles travelling through the city. Be prepared to take extra time to navigate any tricky roads, as it’s likely you’ll experience some congestion as well, and research your route thoroughly before you set off if possible.

Think about vulnerable road users. Without a doubt there are more people using the roads in cities, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Be aware of these road users as you navigate your way through. Many more people cycle in larger cities to avoid traffic congestion, and motorbikes have the ability to slip past lots of traffic quickly. Both can be difficult to see at times depending on the road layout.

London and other places are adopting new road schemes to cut down on congestion and pollution. To avoid any unnecessary hold ups in your journey, check first whether you need to sign up to a scheme to travel through the city centre.

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