The do’s and don’ts of handing in your notice

It’s inevitable that once you’ve secured a brand new job you’ll have to hand in your notice to your current employer. People can find this difficult and sometimes don’t know the best way to go about this – take a look at our top tips below.

Speak to your employer face to face. If you don’t share the news face to face it can seem dismissive, so make sure you schedule time with your employer and deliver the news in person.

Offer your support. Your employer more than likely will need to hire a new person as your replacement, so where possible offer your help in the hiring and training process. Continue to support your colleagues and remain on task.

Be prepared for the counter offer. Your employer may ask you to stay, offering more money and better prospects. Consider this carefully; more often than not accepting a counter offer isn’t a good idea, so make sure you know what you want and how you will respond to this.

Keep it friendly. You never know if or when you might meet old colleagues or managers again throughout your career, so stay friendly and helpful during your last few weeks in employment – at the very least, your current employer will be asked for a reference!

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