Is it time to replace your forklift?

With the warehouse usually being incredibly busy, the need for a replacement forklift can sometimes be overlooked. It’s important to replace forklifts when they need to be as soon as possible however to ensure no time and money is lost. Here’s the signs to watch out for.

What’s the maintenance cost per hour? If you’re finding that maintenance costs for your forklift is starting to creep up, it’s time to consider a replacement. Even a newer model, with the upfront cost, will ultimately be cheaper than growing maintenance costs on an older model.

Is it working – every time? Typically as forklifts become older they experience malfunctions, such hydraulic lifts and forks malfunctions. If these problems are becoming more regular, it’s time to look for something new – Not only will you save money on repairs everyone working in the warehouse will be safer too.

How often are you using it? Do you find the same forklift is left standing still more often than not? Chances are that’s because it’s not effective and therefore needs to be replaced.

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