Tackling stress in the workplace

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, more and more of us are heading back to our normal place of work. From time to time it’s normal for people to experience stress at work in one way or another, but given the unique circumstances this year has brought us it’s important more than ever to reduce the risk of stress at work as much as possible.

A lot of stress at work can result from sleep deprivation. Again many of us are struggling with our sleep during this crisis, and it can be dangerous, especially if you’re working in a warehouse or production environment.

Stress can also result in distraction or a loss in concentration. Whilst we can’t all be expected to be on it all day without a break, distraction behind the wheel of a HGV or forklift can be very dangerous to the driver and surrounding workers.

As such, it’s vital that everyone in the workplace is committed to tackling stress. A culture of openness, where people can express their concerns, is very important. Taking regular breaks, eating healthily and trying to maintain a routine despite shift work can all be helpful tactics when tackling workplace stress.

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