Stop feeling nervous on your first day in a new job!

Looking for a new job can be a long process! But once all the applications and interviews are over, it’s easy to find yourself feeling a bit nervous starting your brand-new job. Here’s our top tips for keeping your nerves in check.

Remind yourself of the details. It’s easy to get consumed in your final days with an old employer and forget the details of the new job you’ll be starting – do your research and remind yourself of the organisation you’ll be joining and the role you’ll soon be starting.

Start as you mean to go on! Be on time, be polite, simply be on your best behaviour – don’t give yourself even more reasons to feel nervous and make sure you show up at your best.

You won’t be new forever! Chances are you’ll soon lose the crown of “newbie” to someone else who starts – and then you’ll no longer be new! As the weeks fly by you’ll be part of the furniture – and you’ll know exactly where the biscuit tin is kept!

No one expects you to know everything. How could you, you’re new! Ask lots of questions – the silliest question is the one you don’t ask.

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