How can you improve the safety of your warehouse?

Safety in the warehouse has to be the top priority for any organisation. Warehouses are busy, fast paced environments, and accidents can happen – so prevention is key! Here’s our suggestions for making sure your warehouse is as safe as possible.

Start with your equipment. Make sure everyone knows how to use any and all equipment, and that only those authorised are using equipment where required. Consider fitting bumpers to racking and other areas of the warehouse to avoid damage.

Think PPE. And we don’t just mean face masks! Make sure the team have access to all of the protective workwear they need at all times, and ensure staff are trained to know what equipment they should be using.

Think about the shelving. Make sure the team are distributing weight evenly across racking and ensure any damaged or broken shelving is repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Keep up to date with training and reminders. Make sure everyone knows the safety procedures – offer regular training and refresher sessions. Between training sessions lots of helpful signage will guide the team too!

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Stop feeling nervous on your first day in a new job!

Looking for a new job can be a long process! But once all the applications and interviews are over, it’s easy to find yourself feeling a bit nervous starting your brand-new job. Here’s our top tips for keeping your nerves in check.

Remind yourself of the details. It’s easy to get consumed in your final days with an old employer and forget the details of the new job you’ll be starting – do your research and remind yourself of the organisation you’ll be joining and the role you’ll soon be starting.

Start as you mean to go on! Be on time, be polite, simply be on your best behaviour – don’t give yourself even more reasons to feel nervous and make sure you show up at your best.

You won’t be new forever! Chances are you’ll soon lose the crown of “newbie” to someone else who starts – and then you’ll no longer be new! As the weeks fly by you’ll be part of the furniture – and you’ll know exactly where the biscuit tin is kept!

No one expects you to know everything. How could you, you’re new! Ask lots of questions – the silliest question is the one you don’t ask.

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IR35: What you need to know

IR35 was due to come into effect back in April 2020, but with the coronavirus pandemic the rollout was delayed until April 2021. But what is IR35, does it affect you, and what changes do you need to make when working?

If you operate via a Limited company, IR35 means you may have to change the way you operate. You can continue to operate under a Limited company if you meet two of the following criteria:

  • Turnover £5.2m or less per annum
  • Profit £10.4m or less per annum
  • Less than 50 direct employees in their organisation

If you don’t meet two of the above requirements, you will need to operate via a PAYE system.

The good news is that Flexistaff is IR35 ready! We have a fully compliant in-house payroll team able to provide guidance and advice as the new rules kick in. In addition, we provide full transparency on workers tax and PAYE payments providing our clients with full protection – making sure everyone is happy!

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Explaining a gap in your CV

There are countless reasons why someone might take a gap in their employment, and simply sometimes things just don’t go to plan. However, job seekers should be prepared to answer questions about any gap in their employment – here’s our top tips to explain a gap in your employment history.

Honesty is the best policy. Trying to hide a gap by extending your previous employment can be risky – there’s nothing to stop a hiring manager checking dates with your previous employer, which could lead to some difficult questions. Depending on the situation you don’t need to give lots of detail, but in the long run employers will respect your honesty.

Make the most out of your CV. Depending on the nature of the gap to your employment, you could reference the gap outside of your employment history, or use your cover note to add more specific detail which may avoid any further questions later down the line.

Avoid gaps full stop. If you’re struggling to find work, try to be proactive – find opportunities for new learning or for taking on voluntary roles whilst you job search – not only will you be keeping active you’ll be developing your experience and you may even find a new job along the way!

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Preparing to cross the border – HGV / LGV Drivers


Travelling to the EU has changed since the UK officially left the bloc on Dec 31st 2020. It’s important for LGV and HGV drivers to make sure they are prepared with the right documents to avoid any delays at the border. Here’s what you need to remember.

Kent Access Permit

All HGVs over 7.5 tonnes travelling from the UK to the EU must get a Kent Access Permit before transporting any goods. You’ll need to complete a self-assessment for EU compliance, submit all relevant customs documentation and demonstrate you meet the UK customs declaration export requirements before you travel. For more information and to apply you can visit the government website here


Covid-19 has caused much disruption to the logistics sector – the long line of vehicles held up at the border made headline news just before Christmas. Now there are some European countries that require commercial vehicle drivers to have a negative Covid test before they travel. If you are travelling to France, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands you will need a negative Covid test to cross the border. Drivers can find out more and view the list of test sites available here

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Drive Safely in the Snow

It’s that time of year where most of us across the country are expecting a wintry snap. Snow can cause hugely hazardous conditions, and it’s even more important for LGV and HGV drivers to be fully prepared – here’s our top tips.

Make sure you are prepared. It’s important to make sure you’re ready to face any challenge – we recommend preparing by taking along de-icers, jump leads, salt, a torch, a blanket and extra coat. Make sure you have plenty of fuel at all times.

Keep up to date on conditions. Keep an eye on the latest weather reports where possible – Just keeping an ear to the radio is enough to know if conditions are about to get worse.

Drive safely and smoothly. Take your time, slow down, and allow plenty of extra space between you and other vehicles. Try to maintain a consistent speed and don’t make any sudden moves!

Make sure you inspect your lorry thoroughly. Before making a hazardous journey it’s vital you make some basic checks to ensure your vehicle is road worthy. Check the tyres and lights are in top working condition and not covered in snow. Check your fluid levels and battery too.

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Why January is a great time for job searching

Hello 2021! It’s been a busy start to the year so far (who expected anything less…) and here at Flexistaff we’re as busy as ever matching candidates and clients. If you’ve been thinking about looking for a new job, now is the time to start – here’s why.

New year, new you. It’s that time of year, right at the beginning, where we evaluate our situation and resolve to make positive changes in our lives. Build on that ‘new you’ energy and focus it into finding a new and exciting career.

There’s plenty of opportunities available! December is a busy time for many companies, and it’s likely many will have held off recruitment until the new year. The result? Lots of job opportunities to choose from.

It’s easier for organisations to recruit. With new recruiting budgets, most employees back to work after the holidays and less pressing deadlines, hiring managers have the capacity they need to recruit in January.

Get started early. It can take time to find a new job, so even if you’re not necessarily looking to make a move immediately, you should start your search sooner rather than later.

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