Rachel Pallet

Jun 06 2020

Working safely during the coronavirus pandemic

Mask, Surgical Mask, Virus, Protection, Coronavirus

As the government begins to relax restrictions, more people are returning to work. It’s important that we all work together to make sure we all stay safe as we return to the workplace. Here’s the latest guidance on keeping safe at work.

Start with risk assessments. All organisations should begin to make the workplace safe by carrying out a risk assessment according to HSE guidance, and unions and workers should be consulted too. The results of the assessment should be shared widely, with colleagues and in public, such as on the company website.

Where possible people should still work from home. Depending on the organisations needs, people should be supported to work from home as much as possible, with the correct equipment and support.

Maintain social distancing at work. If it’s not possible for you to work from home, maintain a 2 meter distance from others at all times. Signs and floor tape will help to remind people of restrictions, and a one way system for moving around the workplace may also be beneficial. Businesses may also consider putting up screens or staggering start and break times to avoid too many people mixing together.

Make hand washing routine. Organisations should make an effort to provide more washing facilities and readily available hand sanitiser for everyone.

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