Rue Itzinger

Jul 04 2020

Working from home V children

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Whilst lockdown restrictions are finally easing, many people are still balancing working from home with their children off school, unlikely to go back until the autumn term starts in September. Balancing everything can be tough – here’s our top tips for getting through the final summer months until the kids get back to school.

Try to stick to the school schedule. Have breakfast all together as normal, plan regular breaks in your work to go for a walk with the children, and try to keep to a routine as much as possible, proven to have a positive impact on everyone’s wellbeing.

Make plans to share childcare where possible. It’s tricky, but if you live with a partner or a family member, it’s a good idea to put a plan in place for sharing childcare around your working shifts, and well as planning time together as a family.

Be honest and upfront. It’s a unique time, and if you are struggling at all with childcare needs, you must raise it with your employer, who should be happy to offer you the flexibility we need.

And count down the days until September!

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