Amy Wiffen

May 18 2017

#careers #eco friendly #jobs #warehouse

Make your warehouse eco friendly

A warehouse is typically a place where a lot of wastage can be found, simply because of the nature of the work. How can you therefore make changes to make your warehouse more eco friendly?

The roof is on fire! Invest in a heat reflective paint for your warehouse roof and you’ll find the warehouse is much more efficient at keeping cool.

Are you insulated? Ensure your insulation is up to date; a sprayed foam insulation product can be twice as effective as more traditional products.

Keep it light. Warehouse owners should consider investing in fluorescent lights, and plan effectively their positioning to be more energy efficient.

Is anyone there? Install light sensors, so lights can switch off when they’re not needed and again save more energy.

Recycle! Provide as many recycling points as possible across your warehouse to ensure rubbish doesn’t build up.

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