Rue Itzinger

Dec 12 2020

Is your warehouse Christmas ready?

shallow focus photo of gray steel muscle rack

It’s literally just around the corner! The big one, CHRISTMAS – and with the year we’ve all had, it’s going to be a good one. There’s clearly a lot of demand already on warehousing and logistics this year, and Christmas and new year will be no different – but is your warehouse Christmas ready? Here’s our advice to make it count.

What happened last year? Historical data on trends will prove vital to helping you to plan your warehouse activity over the festive break – also consider any trends that have become apparent during COVID and factor those in too.

Keep a good record! Accurate records of your stock are a complete necessity to making sure you can satisfy your customers needs during a busy and demanding system. Make sure your systems are up to date and in top working condition!

Communication is key. The warehouse team will make all the difference when it comes to success this year – make sure there are regular opportunities for the team to communicate with one another, listen to any concerns and make sure additional training and support is offered where necessary. And don’t forget to follow COVID guidance at all times!

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