Rachel Pallet

Dec 08 2017

#careers #Christmas #jobs #warehouse

Is your warehouse Christmas ready?

There’s not long to go now until the big day! Christmas shopping will now be in full flow and online orders will be flying in. So is your warehouse ready for the Christmas rush?

Get training! Make sure that both your permanent staff, and any you may have hired temporarily for the Christmas period, are fully trained for what’s ahead. Making sure all staff are prepared will make for a seamless service.

Make a plan. Make sure your staff rota is planned well in advance for key dates. Use data from last year’s rush to try and ascertain when your busy dates will be.

Clean up. Make sure your warehouse is as clean and tidy as possible, with all rubbish and unnecessary materials moved well out of the way. A tidy warehouse will make your team work more efficiently.

Stock up. Staff need plenty of material for packing – make sure they don’t run out too early!

With a clear plan in place, it’ll be the best Christmas yet for your warehouse!

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