Rachel Pallet

Mar 16 2020

Top tips for working from home

Office Work, Studying, Office, Working, Computer

More workers are working from home these days – not just because of Coronavirus, but because of the changing nature of our working week and structure. Here are our top tips for making sure you remain effective whilst working from home.

Designate your working space. That means not working from bed – set up a home office, with a desk, plenty of light and peace and quiet.

Get ready for work, just as you always do! Working in your pyjamas won’t make you more productive at all! Get up, get showered and get dressed ready for the day. This will help you to focus on work and start the day off well.

Structure your day – just like you would in the office. Plan the day head as you normally would do to ensure a good work / life balance when working from home.

Stay comfortable – it’s easy to forget to take breaks properly when you’re working from home, but still important, especially if you work in front of a screen.

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