Rue Itzinger

Sep 26 2020

Our top tips for telephone interviews

black rotary dial phone on white surface

More often than not these days interviews are being held remotely, with more of us now used to video interviews than ever before. With organisations unable to meet as many people for interview as they usually can, telephone interviews are again becoming popular. Here’s our top tips for acing your next telephone interview.

Prepare as you would for a face to face interview. Dress to impress and research the vacancy and organisation as you normally would – this is your stepping stone to the next stage!

Have your prompts ready. Having a copy of your CV to hand is always a good idea in case you need to refer to your experience. In addition, writing down any questions you have in advance and keeping them to hand during in the interview will be beneficial when you’re asked for questions at the end.

Treat the interview as you would in person. Smile to stay upbeat and positive, and make sure you listen very carefully to all information given by your interviewer – it’s easy to be distracted during a phone call, easier than it would be in person, so try to stay away from any possible distractions.

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