Rue Itzinger

Sep 05 2020

Top Tips for driving in heavy rain

closeup photo of window with water drops

It’s that time of year again! The nights are drawing in, the weather is getting more unpredictable, and for those that drive for a living you’ll need to take extra precaution when hitting the roads. Here’s our reminder of the key things to remember when driving in adverse rain.

Check everything is in working condition. Before setting off, check your windscreen wipers and tyres are in good condition. All lights should be working too, in case visibility becomes low.

Take provisions. Take a bottle of water with you and eat well before any long journey to ensure you can keep your full concentration on the road.

Check your speed. Your stopping distance in the rain could be 4 times what you’re used to – keep your speed slower than normal and give yourself plenty of space to break behind the driver in front of you.

Be seen. Use your dipped headlights to make it easier for others to see you, but don’t use your rear fog light – you might end up dazzling other drivers and making the situation more dangerous.

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