Rachel Pallet

Nov 02 2018

Top CV Trends for 2018

When it comes to your CV, it’s worth making sure it’s well updated regularly as you go through your career. As trends in the recruiting market change, so do the requirements of your CV – here’s what’s important when it comes to putting your CV together in 2018…

You’ve not got long to impress. On average, recruiters take 6 seconds to read a CV – so make sure your top accomplishments are right at the beginning of your CV. If these means tweaking the structure, so be it.

Keep design to a minimal. A fancy CV might seem appealing, but minimalist matters these days. If you’re going for a job where you’ll want to show off your design or formatting skills, use a portfolio rather than your CV to demonstrate your skills.

The world is changing. Remove your full mailing address, email will suffice – although a general location is useful to ascertain where you’re based. Similarly with references – the details for your referees will be requested at the right time.

Personalisation is key. As ever, tailoring your CV to each job application is a safe bet when you’re hoping to secure an interview – some trends never change!

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