Amy Wiffen

Jun 01 2017

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Tips for Shift Workers

Shift working can be tough sometimes, with regular changes in routines and long working hours. So how can you make sure you look after yourself when you’re working the long shift?

Are you driving? Given the time and length of the shift, it’s important to consider if you should drive to work, or if it’s actually safer to take public transport. It may be more of a hassle, but if you’ll be finishing a long shift in the middle of the night it may be risky to drive home, if you’re not used to it.

Make your sleep pattern work! If your shifts seem to follow a similar pattern, try taking short naps before and after your shift and find a sleep pattern that suits your needs. Make sure your sleeping environment is comfortable and blocks out any light, if you’re having to sleep during the day.

What are you eating? It’s important to consider your diet. Regular light meals or snacks will ensure you stay nourished throughout your shift. Avoid fatty or sugary foods where possible and keep hydrated.

Want a pick me up? If you like a coffee, keep your coffee breaks to a minimum. Caffeine can be used effectively, but too much can have opposite of the desired effect.

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