Rachel Pallet

Oct 23 2019

What should you take to your next interview?

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Preparation is key when it comes to job interviews. Whilst planning what to wear and how to answer questions it’s easy to forget what you need to take with you – Here’s a quick reminder!

CV and Job Description. Take a few copies of your CV and the job description so you can refer to the details if needed to answer a particular question, and try to bring spare copies for those interviewing in case they are needed.

Proof of ID and address. You will need to prove your right to work in the UK and address details – take the details along with you to save time, so if an organisation wants to make an offer, there’s no time wasted.

A notepad and pen. Show you’re interested in the role by taking notes about what to expect as part of the role and the organisation. Not only will this information prove useful later in the recruiting process should you have multiple interviews, but note taking will improve your body language too, especially if you’re feeling a little nervous.

Examples of your work. Depending on the type of role you’re going for, it may be appropriate to take along previous work samples to show a potential new employer what you’re capable of. Additionally, evidence of training or qualifications may be useful to bring along with you.

Questions! It’s vital you prepare questions to ask of your potential new employer, either about the role or the organisation. Questions will again demonstrate your interest in the position.

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