Rachel Pallet

Dec 15 2017

#careers #Christmas #delivery #driving #jobs #van

What does it take to be a Christmas Delivery Driver?

It’s almost here! Companies across the country are recruiting right now for driving staff ahead of the Christmas and January sales rush. It’s vital that consumers get their parcels right on time – so how can you make it as a successful Christmas delivery driver?

Stay hydrated! Whilst it may feel like the deliveries will never end, it’s vital that you eat and drink as you need to keep yourself fit and healthy on the road.

Get organised. It’s vital that you plan the most direct route for your deliveries each day and keep abreast of the road traffic news – road accidents must be avoided at all costs!

Keep your torch handy. With a vehicle full of boxes it can get pretty dark in the back – a torch can provide a simple and effective way to make sure you unload the correct package.

Where should you be? Making a note of where you should be at each point in your day may seem pointless, but as you go about your deliveries you can keep checking it to make sure you’re on track.

Stay safe! Although the pressure is on, you must stay safe at all times.

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