Rachel Pallet

Jun 11 2019

Why summer is a good time to job search

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Summer is HERE! Well, sort of. The weather may not scream summer at you, but it’s truly here – and whilst some may not believe it, summer is definitely still a ripe time for job searching. Here’s why.

Summer is slow. Sounds like not the ideal time to job search? Wrong! With lots of organisations operating at a slower pace, they might actually have time to advertise and recruit new staff, and offer a solid induction period – So keep an eye out for new opportunities!

Everyone is enjoying the holidays. You may find there’s less competition during the summer months as people take a break – but not you! Step up your search and take advantage of the less crowded market.

Hello contractors! With staff generally going on annual leave over summer, you may find more organisations offering short term contracts or temporary opportunities (which could lead to something permanent) – so take the opportunity!

Get networking! Summer presents more opportunities for social and networking occasions, as everyone tried to enjoy the warmer weather. These events offer ideal opportunities to meet your potential new employer.

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