Rachel Pallet

Nov 14 2019

Stay safe online this Black Friday


Black Friday, Discouts, Discount, Sale, Offer

Black Friday is fast approaching, and it’s safe to say you might bag yourself a few deals that have to be seen to be believed! But Black Friday fever also attracts bogus deals and can leave you vulnerable – here’s our top tips for staying safe online this Black Friday.

Watch for bogus ads. It’s more likely that pop up ads will have malicious code – if you’re really interested in a deal offered by a pop up ad, go to the company website direct to make sure it’s a real deal, before you click. Use this same rule when you see to die for deals on social media channels – it’s not hard for a hacker to set up a bogus social media channel!

Check the address. It’s paramount you move quickly on Black Friday to seal the deal – but check you’re visiting a genuine brand website before you buy! If the website address or URL looks odd, move on.

Stay at home! Not only will be streets probably be busy with desperate shoppers, using public wifi can be more risky during Black Friday. Inputting personal info on a public network can leave you vulnerable to hackers.

Bur don’t let any of that stop you securing the deal of the century – Happy Black Friday shopping!

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