Rachel Pallet

May 23 2019

Returning to work – Our top tips

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Are you planning a return to work after a career break? Whatever the reason, it’s a competitive market out there and it’s important you stand out from the crowd. Here’s our top tips.

Why did you have a career break? There are countless reasons why someone might have a career break – the important thing however is to be honest about it. Explain a gap in your work history to potential new employers. You could also consider undertaking relevant training courses before you make the move back to work, to ensure you’re up to date and ready to take on a fresh challenge.

Do your research! Things might have changed in your sector since you last worked – find out what’s new but researching and networking. We would always also recommend you research any potential employers you apply to.

Check your CV. Make sure your CV is updated and use your CV to add any relevant skills or experiences you may have had whilst on your career break. Your CV is usually your first opportunity to impress, so make it count!

Ask for feedback and take advice. Feedback from recruiters and potential employers can be vital to your job search – even if you don’t get the first job you apply for, there could be some invaluable advice in it for you!

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