Rachel Pallet

Mar 13 2019

How organisations are coping with the driver shortage

Truck, Heavy Duty, Tractor, Transport, Traffic

According to a recent survey, a shortage of drivers and other skilled workers is still the biggest challenge faced by the logistics sector. How is this still a problem faced by the industry and how can things change?

It’s clear that it’s a competitive market for skilled workers and political and economic uncertainty has left workers seeking security elsewhere. This, coupled with increased and changing customer demands for a seamless service has left finding skilled workers and drivers challenging to some organisations.

Organisations are tackling this shortage by investing in new technology, streamlining their processes as much as possible. Flexistaff are leading the way in alleviating staff shortage woes for our clients, providing an extensive network as well as full training, making sure your drivers are well trained and fully equipped for the task.

For those considering a career change, driving provides a number of benefits, including flexible hours, full training and a competitive salary. Why not give Flexistaff a call to find out more?

For more information about how Flexistaff can support your business, contact us on 01582 696959 or office@flexistaffuk.com.