Returning to work – Our top tips

Are you planning a return to work after a career break? Whatever the reason, it’s a competitive market out there and it’s important you stand out from the crowd. Here’s our top tips. Why did you have a career break? There are countless reasons why someone might have a career

What sort of jobseeker are you?

Job seeking can be a challenging business and everyone goes about it in their own way. But what sort of jobseeker are you, and what can you do to ensure you maximise your assets to secure your dream job? Sending your CV here, there and everywhere? Chances are the more

City Driving – Be Aware!

Long distance drivers are used to driving in different locations and terrains – but even for the most experienced driver, travelling through city locations can be challenging. Here’s what you should be aware of when driving LGVs through cities. What are the roads like? It’s likely that in many cities

Working Hours – Know your rights!

Work, work, work. Sometimes it feels like we do nothing but work! But it’s important to have a good work / life balance, and know your rights when it comes to working hours. Here’s what you need to know. Legally you’re allowed to work 48 hours a week if you’re

Why do customers get angry?

  If you work in customer service or support consumers in your role, it’s likely you’ll have at least heard a story of a “bad customer”. We’ve all from time to time experienced angry customers, but usually there are simple reasons why customers get angry – and how it can

Which extra curricular activities could give your CV a boost?

When it comes to adding extra information about your hobbies and interests to your CV, certain activities you take part in can say an awful lot about your attitude and who you are as a person. This information can be highly valuable to potential employers – So if you enjoy

Products to revolutionise your warehouse

Warehouses are busy places and quite simply there are products that your warehouse cannot do without. Make sure your warehouse is efficient by investing in some of these must have items. Pallet Rack – What warehouse could do without one? Pallet racks maximise the vertical space of your warehouse, and

How to be an effective communicator at work

Good communication is key in the workplace to ensuring an effective team. Are you doing your bit to ensure you’re a good communicator at work? Take a look at our top tips. Everybody’s different! People communicate in different ways and benefit from different communication methods. Utilise all channels available to

How organisations are coping with the driver shortage

According to a recent survey, a shortage of drivers and other skilled workers is still the biggest challenge faced by the logistics sector. How is this still a problem faced by the industry and how can things change? It’s clear that it’s a competitive market for skilled workers and political

How to manage an employment gap on your CV

There are countless reasons as to why there might be a gap in your employment on your CV, but it’s important you address a gap head on with any potential employer. Here’s how. Always be honest. Depending on the situation depends on how much information you need to provide, but

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Changes to the National Living and National Minimum Wage

It’s that time of year again! As of April 2019, there are changes coming to the National Living and National Minimum wage. The National Living Wage and the National Minimum wage rates are paid according to your age. Apprentices are paid the “apprentice” wage if they are 19 or under

What are the top skills employers are looking for?

When you’re job searching, it’s vital you demonstrate your skill sets, and how they match with the needs of your potential new employer. Whilst this can be varied, there are certain core skillsets every employer is seeking – here’s the skill sets you should be promoting and focussing on when

Does your heavy goods vehicle need testing?

In case you’re unaware, as of May 2018 the law changed and now some heavy goods vehicles are no longer exempt from having an annual test (MOT). Some vehicles will need testing by their tax renewal, whilst others must be tested by May 2019. Do you need to book a

3 wheel or 4 wheel?

Choosing the right forklift for your warehouse is very important, depending greatly on the type of tasks your forklift will be expected to perform. Here we discuss the key differences between 3 wheel and 4 wheel forklifts, so you can choose wisely! 3 wheel forklifts have greater manoeuvrability, able to

Are personality tests effective in the hiring process?

The hiring process differs between organisations according to their individual needs, and some organisations use personality tests as part of the hiring process to try and find out who candidates really are. But are these tests an effective measure of a good hire? Pick the right one. There are countless