Employment Contracts: Know your rights!

If you’re job searching, it’s important you know what type of employment contracts are available when you’re applying for roles and what your rights are. Here’s a breakdown of what types of contracts you could be offered when job seeking. Full time contract – Most common, these roles are often

Stay healthy on your shift

If you work for an organisation operating 24 hours a day. It’s likely you’ll find yourself working different shifts each week. Shift work can be challenging and it’s vital you stay fit and healthy. Here’s how. Think about your food. Smaller, more frequent meals will ensure that you remain well

How to resign – the right way!

One of the things people find tricky once they’ve secured a new job is resigning from their current employer. It can be awkward, it can be met with anger or surprise, but whatever the reaction, it must be done in a respectful and dignified way. Here’s our top tips. Resign

Forklift Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

Forklifts are an essential part of any warehouse, but mistakes are easily made and can cause a lot of disruption. Here’s our list of the most common forklift mistakes – and how you can avoid making them! Over Capacity? If you overload your forklift, or if your load is insecure,

Is there a good reason for cancelling an interview?

If you’ve been job searching for a while, securing an interview is a massive win in itself. But sometimes, things just don’t go to plan – And whilst we would always recommend you do everything in your power to get to an interview, there are some good reasons why, even

Keep cool whilst driving this summer

Have you been feeling the heat this week? Temperatures are running high and with plenty of summer ahead of us, we should expect the hot weather to continue. If you drive for a living, it’s important you stay safe and cool – here’s how. Check your water levels! It’s important

Are you ready to answer these interview questions?

Some interview questions seem straightforward. Some seem totally irrelevant and difficult to answer! Here’s some common interview questions – and how best to answer them… Why should we hire you for the job? The key here is to link your experiences to the needs of the role, without where possible

What to do with your Tyre Puncture

At least once in our lives we will experience a punctured tyre. If you drive for a living, you’ve got more chance than any of puncturing or blowing a tyre – here’s what to do to keep safe. Puncture or blow out? Your tyres could be damaged two very different

How to improve your warehouse efficiency

Efficiency in the warehouse is incredibly important. But with so much going on in a usually fast paced environment, it’s easy to miss simple changes you can take to make sure you’re as efficient as possible. Here’s our top tips to stay ahead. Find the right technology. There’s lots of

Keep an eye on your body language!

Body language can be very telling. And when it comes to interviewing, your body language can play a big part in how you come across. First impressions definitely count – here’s our top tips for making sure your interview body language hits the spot! It’s all about confidence. Make sure

How to keep your forklift hazard-free

Forklifts are hugely beneficial to any warehouse and can certainly lighten the load – but only when used properly and safely. Here’s some issues to watch out for when using your forklift. Is your load stable? It’s likely you’ll be working in a fast paced warehouse environment, but it is

Why summer is a good time to job search

Summer is HERE! Well, sort of. The weather may not scream summer at you, but it’s truly here – and whilst some may not believe it, summer is definitely still a ripe time for job searching. Here’s why. Summer is slow. Sounds like not the ideal time to job search?

How to tailor your CV

If you’re job seeking, chances are you’ve been told that it’s important to tailor your CV to each job application. But how can you actually do that? What makes for effective tailoring when it comes to your CV? Take a look at our top tips. Don’t forget the basics. The

What are the pros and cons of courier driving?

Are you seeking a career change and considering making a move into courier driving? There are lots of benefits to choosing a career in driving – if you’re thinking of making a move into the courier sector, take a look at our insights below. No working 9 to 5. If

Returning to work – Our top tips

Are you planning a return to work after a career break? Whatever the reason, it’s a competitive market out there and it’s important you stand out from the crowd. Here’s our top tips. Why did you have a career break? There are countless reasons why someone might have a career