Pros and Cons of Autonomous Forklifts

Autonomous forklifts are on the way up. With warehouses becoming more and more fast paced, autonomous forklifts can be of benefit to the working environment. So what are the pros and cons of autonomous forklifts? PROS Less human contact. Autonomous forklifts mean less human intervention is required, meaning workers can

What to do when an Interview goes Badly

We’ve all come out of an interview at some point in our lives wishing the ground would swallow us up! It can be hard to take when an interview doesn’t go to plan – So what should you do when an interview goes badly? Relax! Immediately after you must give

Have you got what it takes to work in a warehouse?

      Working in a warehouse can be challenging at times. It’s a fast paced, highly pressured environment, which demands a wide range of skills. So might you be suited to working in a warehouse? Adaptability is key. Warehouse work means you’ll likely find yourself in a variety of

Should you buy part worn tyres?

  Part worn tyres are available to buy in the UK and can seem like a cheap alternative to brand new tyres. But is it worth it? It’s not illegal to buy part worn tyres and legislation has been put in place to protect buyers. However, there are also a

Add a little extra to your CV

The purpose of a CV is to detail your skills and experiences to a potential new employer, however, giving more information about your character and interests can also better your chances of securing an interview if done correctly. So how can you effectively add a little extra to your CV?

Petrol V Diesel

  It’s been a discussion raging on for many years. Which is more efficient – Petrol or Diesel? And what are the pros and cons of each? Diesel vehicles used to benefit from lower taxes, but this is no longer the case. Equally, diesel vehicles are fitted with a Diesel

Job Searching: The Frustrations

Job searching can be tough sometimes. Often there’s a lot of competition, and sometimes job seekers are unfortunately left confused and frustrated. So what are the biggest job seeking frustrations, and how can you overcome them? Experience? Job seekers looking for their first job or those looking to change careers

Tips for Shift Workers

Shift working can be tough sometimes, with regular changes in routines and long working hours. So how can you make sure you look after yourself when you’re working the long shift? Are you driving? Given the time and length of the shift, it’s important to consider if you should drive

How to handle the Second Stage Interview

Second stage interviews are becoming a popular part of the hiring process, and job seekers need to be aware of what they are, why they are necessary and how to manage them effectively. Here’s how! Why a second interview? Typically, a first interview is to assess your experience, skills and

Make your warehouse eco friendly

A warehouse is typically a place where a lot of wastage can be found, simply because of the nature of the work. How can you therefore make changes to make your warehouse more eco friendly? The roof is on fire! Invest in a heat reflective paint for your warehouse roof

Common interview questions – and how to answer them!

Although interviews vary from company to company, there are some standard questions that crop up time and again. So how can you answer these questions effectively to secure the job? Tell me about yourself… A tricky question at the best of times, and so open to interpretation. It can lead

Is your vehicle overloaded?

If you drive vans for a living, you’ll understand that it can sometimes be a highly pressured position, with demand for fast delivery now higher than ever. However, van overloading can be a huge risk the driver and other drivers on the road. And yet, 9 out of 10 vehicles

How to Motivate your team

How to Motivate your team Typically we at Flexistaff support businesses with fast paced and pressured environments, namely in logistics and warehouse environments. In these highly pressurised workplaces, how can managers hope to motivate their teams? What’s the priority? Managers should try to support their team in planning and prioritise

Do SMEs in Logistics have the upper hand?

The logistics industry has never had more demands on it than now. With personalisation and a demand for an excellent customer experience non-negotiable, companies need to be more competitive than eve. And SMEs have the upper hand! SMEs are able to be more agile than larger logistics organisations, and therefore

How can you impress on your first day?

The first day in a new job can be daunting, even if you’ve wanted the job for a long time. So how can you ensure you impress on the first day? Make an early start. Try to make the effort to arrive early on the first day; it shows you’re