How to be an effective Picker and Packer

    When picking and packing in any warehouse environment it’s important to try and get it right as much as possible. Yes, mistakes can happen, but there are a few ways you can make sure you are your team are as effective as possible, therefore

Have you got too much experience?

When looking for new jobs, it’s important to get your CV and/or application right. This is your first chance to impress your potential new employer, after all! However, if you’ve got a long career history and a lot to say, you might struggle to fit everything on the recommended two

Work with care this summer and prepare for high temperatures

It’s been a pretty glorious summer so far in the UK, and indications show the good weather is set to continue. Whilst the warm weather is welcome, working in extreme temperatures can be dangerous for workers – Here’s how to make sure you stay safe whilst at work. It goes

Make the most of your money!

Life can sometimes feel pretty expensive in 2018, but it’s surprising how just a few small changes can make a huge difference – Take a look at our top money saving tips here! What are you spending your money on? Start a budget, and you’ll really see where your money’s

Tattoos, piercings and careers

It’s a question that many job seekers have had to face – Do tattoos and piercings reduce your chances of advancement in your career? The short answer is it really does depend on the hiring manager, recruiter and the requirements of the job. For some jobs, if you’re not customer

Put that phone away!

Using mobile phones whilst driving was banned way back in 2003. However, even today we still find people using their phones whilst behind the wheel. Whilst checking the road traffic news or a quick look at your work emails may seem harmless, these actions can be life threatening. One in

How to handle the World Cup at work

In case you’ve missed it, we’re well into the World Cup in Russia this year. England incredibly have made it to the top 16 and everyone’s getting excited. Even in the workplace! Here’s how to make the most of the World Cup whilst you’re at work. Embrace it! Even if

Avoid these common warehouse injuries!

Warehouses are busy places and at all times there are opportunities for accidents to happen. It’s important that any warehouse has robust safety policy in place, especially when operating forklifts. In this blog we’ll outline the most common accidents and injuries in the warehouse – and how to avoid them!

How to handle a Telephone Interview

These days the interviewing process can consist of a few stages, and the telephone interview is becoming a popular way to screen applicants in the early stages of recruitment. It’s vital you’re properly prepared for a telephone interview – So what are our top tips? Take it seriously. A telephone

The differences between driving a car and a van

Demand for van drivers is high, and driving for a living can be a lucrative and stable career choice. But those considering joining the sector should consider the differences in driving a larger van compared to standard domestic vehicles. Here’s some of the differences to bear in mind. Even before

What to do in your last week at work

The last week at work before you start a new job is odd. Clearly there’s no point in you starting anything new, and it’s easy to feel demotivated and ready to get away from your old employer. But what should you make sure you do in

Avoiding Burn-out in Customer Service – Top Tips

  Customer service is a vital department for any organisation, and as the public face of a company, the customer service team need to ensure they are always performing at their best as much as they can. Burn-out in customer service can be a real challenge

Be Careful when driving in Hot Weather

Summer is on its way! We’re very excited for the warm weather here at Flexistaff, but it’s vital for those driving for a living that they stay safe when driving long distances in hot conditions. Here’s how. How are your tyres? Hotter temperatures can cause your tyre pressure to go

What makes a great office environment?

Most of us spend much of our lives in the office at work. Therefore, finding a workplace environment that suits you is vital. So what is it that makes a great office environment? Make it organised. The office environment should be clean, tidy, with effective heating and lighting systems. Making

What are employers looking for on your CV?

Your CV is in most cases the first introduction you can make to potential new employers. It’s important therefore to get it right and stand out from the crowd. So what are employers looking for when it comes to your CV? Make it clear. A CV should be no longer