What do employees most want from their job?

People’s motivations at work can be varied and complex, and when considering motivations, employers should be aware of what motivates employees and makes them loyal. Here’s a few top motivators for today’s workforce.Getting the balance right is key. Quality of life is important, for well being

Fuel saving tips for LGV drivers

Fuel continues to be a huge expense in the logistics sector, and as such it’s vital that LGV drivers remember to consider fuel efficiency when driving. Here’s our top tips! Have you got cruise control? Cruise control is becoming more and more standard in LGVs, and for a good reason

Top CV Trends for 2018

When it comes to your CV, it’s worth making sure it’s well updated regularly as you go through your career. As trends in the recruiting market change, so do the requirements of your CV – here’s what’s important when it comes to putting your CV together in 2018… You’ve not

Is it time to replace your forklift?

With the warehouse usually being incredibly busy, the need for a replacement forklift can sometimes be overlooked. It’s important to replace forklifts when they need to be as soon as possible however to ensure no time and money is lost. Here’s the signs to watch out for. What’s the maintenance

How can you combat sleep deprivation?

Shift working can at times mean that colleagues find it difficult to get the adequate sleep and rest they require, especially if they are working through unsociable hours. Sleep deprivation can have massive consequences – here’s some top tips for avoiding mistakes. Make communication count. Organisational procedures must be clear

What to know when signing your new contract

When you’ve been offered a brand new job, it’s easy to get excited and gloss over the details. However, it’s vital you take a moment to check exactly what’s on offer, so you don’t regret any decisions later down the line. Here’s what to look out for when signing your

Creating Community in the Warehouse

It’s true, working in a warehouse can be fast paced and highly pressured at times. However, by creating a culture of community in the warehouse, many of these challenges can easily be overcome, leaving the warehouse workforce motivated and feeling supported. So how can you create a community feeling in

How to overcome work place problems

Let’s face it, we all face problems at work now and then. But more often than not, there’s a way of overcoming those issues – Here’s some solutions to the most common work place concerns. You’ve made a mistake! Mistakes can happen, we are all human after all! When you

Loneliness and Lorry Driving

  Do you drive long distance for a living? There are lots of benefits to driving work, including the excellent salary, flexible hours and freedom. But spending several hours alone every day at work can take its toll, and drivers should be aware of loneliness and how to tackle it.

Should your return to a former employer?

It’s not often a situation most people come across, but from time to time job seekers might find themselves considering a return to a former employer. Is this ever a good idea? And how should you manage the situation? Is it possible? We’d always recommend you leave any employer on

The risks of poor manual handling

When it’s busy in your workplace, it’s easy to forget health and safety and lift items without following proper manual handling procedure – We’ve all done it! But realistically, it can be very dangerous to forget these regulations – here’s why. Immediate injury is possible. You could pull a muscle

Office Do’s and Don’ts

Work environments are incredibly varied, but in most cases bring a lot of people together – Which can inevitably bring tensions! If you want to be a good employee and get on well with your colleagues, no matter your working environment, take a look at our office do’s and don’ts!

It’s official! The UK’s top service stations

If you drive for a living across the country, it’s handy to know what makes a welcoming and well stocked service station, and where they are. So, in case you missed it, the BBC named the top 5 service stations across the UK – And here they are! Reading Services

Make your first day at work count

After weeks or months of job searching, starting a new job can be both exciting and daunting. First impressions count, so it’s important to make the most of your first day in a job – Take a look at our top tips for making your first day count. Make sure

How to be an effective Picker and Packer

    When picking and packing in any warehouse environment it’s important to try and get it right as much as possible. Yes, mistakes can happen, but there are a few ways you can make sure you are your team are as effective as possible, therefore