Unconscious Bias in the workplace

Unconscious bias is everywhere. Without us really knowing, we all hold preconceptions and stereotypes both in our personal and professional life. But by being aware of these unconscious biases, we can act to make sure none of us are held back in our careers. Unconscious biases are formed without us

Top Tips for driving in heavy rain

It’s that time of year again! The nights are drawing in, the weather is getting more unpredictable, and for those that drive for a living you’ll need to take extra precaution when hitting the roads. Here’s our reminder of the key things to remember when driving in adverse rain. Check

Tackling stress in the workplace

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, more and more of us are heading back to our normal place of work. From time to time it’s normal for people to experience stress at work in one way or another, but given the unique circumstances this year has brought us it’s important more than

What to do next after deciding not to go to university

It’s that time of year! It’s a couple of weeks after students were awarded their A-Level results (and the less said about the algorithm, the better!) and now that the results are in many young people are deciding what the next steps in their career look like. For many, it

Why should you consider a career in customer service?

Have you considered a career in customer service before, but not sure what the benefits are or if you’re suitable for a customer service career? Working direct with customers can be hugely rewarding in any organisation and is certainly a career path worth considering – here’s why. No experience required!

Look after your mental health during your job search

Finding a new job, especially in this current climate, can be hugely stressful. There’s a lot of uncertainty and usually a lot riding on securing your dream job, so it’s easy to see how your mental health can struggle under the pressure. Here’s our top tips for making sure you

The benefits of keeping your warehouse in top shape

Clear home, clear mind, that’s how the saying goes. It’s the same in the workplace, most notably in the warehouse – it’s so important to make cleaning and organising the warehouse a priority. Here’s why. Safety first and foremost. A clattered and disorganised warehouse can lead to an increased risk

Make an impact with your CV cover letter

It’s a busy job market out there and it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Most employers these days expect a cover letter with your CV, to give an overview of your expertise and experience – here’s our top tips for making your cover letter have impact. Make your

Keeping Drivers safe during the Coronavirus pandemic

Many of us now getting used to life amid COVID-19, and over the last few months of lockdown there has been a growth in demand for delivery drivers and supply chain workers. It’s important that drivers keep safe as they go about their business during the crisis – here’s our

Making the most of furlough

Furlough is something that none of us had really heard of before the coronavirus pandemic. A measure put in place by the government to save thousands of jobs, it’s a well-recognised term and is to stay a firm fixture of our lives at least until October when the scheme will

Working from home V children

Whilst lockdown restrictions are finally easing, many people are still balancing working from home with their children off school, unlikely to go back until the autumn term starts in September. Balancing everything can be tough – here’s our top tips for getting through the final summer months until the kids

Be Aware: The risks of operating a broken forklift

In a busy warehouse environment, it’s inevitable that equipment will break or become damaged. Although it’s tempting to put off making repairs or replacing damaged forklifts, it can cost the warehouse more down the line. A damaged forklift is a danger to those operating it and others in the warehouse.

How to deal with interview stress

The things about job searching is that it inevitably results in interviews. Interviewing is a vital part of the job-hunting process; unfortunately you can’t get around it, and it can leave people feeling anxious. If you feel stressed about your next interview, take a look at our top tips for

Working safely during the coronavirus pandemic

As the government begins to relax restrictions, more people are returning to work. It’s important that we all work together to make sure we all stay safe as we return to the workplace. Here’s the latest guidance on keeping safe at work. Start with risk assessments. All organisations should begin

Make sure manual handling is both safe and effective

Warehouses are busy places. It’s vital both for safety and for efficiency that the manual handling procedures in your warehouse are top notch – here’s our top tips for maintaining manual handling productivity. Check your equipment is right for the job. Possibly obvious, but it’s easy to use the wrong