Rue Itzinger

Dec 30 2020

New Rules: EU access for logistics and drivers

aerial photo of parking lot during daytime

The deal is done and now, after 4 years, the UK is about to enter a new trade agreement with the EU. But what does that mean for logistics, and drivers who regularly travel between the UK and the EU? Here’s a few headlines on what to expect.

The existing Community Licence has been replaced by the UK Licence for the Community – The licence works in the same way and were posted before Christmas, so licences should have been received before 31st December!

UK hauliers are no longer able to undertake combined transport operations in the EU. As of now, only two cabotage trips may be undertaken by EU hauliers in the UK and combined transport rules no longer apply.

UK issued European health insurance cards (EHIC) are still being accepted in EU countries, but there will be different rules for people travelling to Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland from January.

You can find lots more information on the government website here.

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