Rachel Pallet

May 30 2020

Make sure manual handling is both safe and effective

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Warehouses are busy places. It’s vital both for safety and for efficiency that the manual handling procedures in your warehouse are top notch – here’s our top tips for maintaining manual handling productivity.

Check your equipment is right for the job. Possibly obvious, but it’s easy to use the wrong forklift for a particular task – Assess what you need to do and make sure the equipment provided is capable.

Not only should you make sure the right equipment is provided, it should be kept in top shape and maintained properly at all times. Ensure everyone knows how to maintain the equipment available and make sure equipment checks are regular and routine.

Think about warehouse layout. Are products stored in a way that makes sense, in terms of handling and storing? Planning how to store products can have a huge and surprising impact on the efficiency of your warehouse.

Get training! Regular up to date manual handling training is important for everyone, even if the training has been offered hundreds of times – procedures can change after all! Regular training keeps everyone working efficiently and safely.

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