Rachel Pallet

May 02 2020

Maintaining a work life balance during COVID-19

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Whatever industry you’re in, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on a normal work life balance. Whilst we’re all feeling the strain, it’s even more important we work hard to make sure we maintain our work and home life to ensure we can protect our mental health. Here’s our top tips.

Don’t expect to stick to your typical timings. If you’re newly working from home during this crisis, flexibility is key, given changes to commuting and childcare needs. For those still needing to travel to their place of work, employers should try to be considerate to the big changes taking place for all of us and offer flexibility to staff where possible.

You’ve got to switch off. Again if you’re getting used to working from home it can be difficult to switch from work life to home life in the same way. Try to designate a specific room for working, like a spare bedroom or the dining room, somewhere separate from where you relax. And don’t check your emails out of hours!

Keep communication open. It’s a difficult time for everyone and employees and employers need to keep lines of communication open and a level of understanding that things won’t be the business as usual right now. With good communication we can all support one another through this difficult time.

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