Rue Itzinger

Dec 04 2020

How to know if your interview went well

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Many people feel nervous when it comes to interviews, and sometimes it can be hard to know if it went well or not. There are some subtle hints that you should pay attention to to know if you’re performing well – here’s what to look out for to see if your interview is going well.

It’s all about conversation. Did the conversation easily flow, or did it feel like an interrogation? If you feel like the conversation is relaxed and easy, chances are things are looking good.

Are they selling you the job? It’s normal to be given an overview of the company and the role, but if your interviewer is going into a lot of detail about the team, including you in future plans, and showing you around the office, it’s all positive!

Your interview lasts AGES. If you come out of the interview, look at your watch and you’re surprised at how long you’ve been in there, it sounds like they liked what you had to say!

When can you start? A great question and a great sign the interviewer is considering you for the position. Clarifying your start date and terms and conditions is a sign an offer could be coming your way.

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