Rue Itzinger

Oct 13 2020

Keep your warehouse safe this winter


gray metal multi-layer rack inside building

It’s that time of year again! We’re not sure where 2020 has gone, but less said about that the better…

Winter can bring hazardous conditions to many working environments, including spaces like warehouses. Many warehouses will be under even more pressure as Christmas gets closer, so it’s vital to keep your warehouse working effectively despite the weather – here’s our top tips for making sure your warehouse is safe this winter.

Check your footwear – and everyone else’s! Make sure all team members are wearing weather appropriate footwear to avoid slips and trips. Make “footwear” a standing item on your team agenda so everyone knows how important it is to wear appropriate footwear in the warehouse.

Invest in mats. Might seem obvious, but it’s one of those little details that gets forgotten – investing in high quality mats for team members to use when they go into the warehouse can make a huge amount of difference.

Be diligent in delivery and any external areas. You’ve absolutely got to be proactive when it comes to making your delivery and/or external areas safe too – make sure there is plenty of salt available to tackle snow and ice, and traffic cones can make all the difference when visibility is low.

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