Rachel Pallet

Jul 26 2019

Keep cool whilst driving this summer

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Have you been feeling the heat this week? Temperatures are running high and with plenty of summer ahead of us, we should expect the hot weather to continue. If you drive for a living, it’s important you stay safe and cool – here’s how.

Check your water levels! It’s important you take the time to inspect your vehicle before you set off, ensuring there’s plenty of coolant for your car to operate. Equally, take bottled water on all long journeys you make – if you’re stuck in traffic without water, it would be dangerous.

Invest in air con. Make sure your air conditioning system is well maintained and in working order. You should also try to get as much fresh are as you can.

Choose the motorway. Motorways are our busiest roads, meaning they are usually the most well maintained and accessible roads in extreme weather conditions. Additionally, motorway services can be invaluable when you need a break!

Check your tyres. In extreme weather, roads can become blisteringly hot and if your tyres aren’t in good condition there’s an even greater chance of a tyre blow out. Make sure your tyres are safe!

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