Rachel Pallet

May 16 2020

Job searching during COVID-19

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For some the world feels like its been turned upside down, and many hopeful job seekers may feel that now is not the time for searching for a new job. WRONG! Life still goes on, and there’s no reason why you should stop seeking your next career move. Here’s what to consider when job searching during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nothing much has changed when it comes to applying for jobs. Companies are still advertising for staff, the job sites are still up and running and recruiters (like us!) are still very much open for business. Now more than ever however it’s very important to tailor your CV for each position you apply for and to make sure you have the right skills and experiences for the role in question. In a slower job market, highlighting your skills and making sure they match the job is vital.

Be alternative in your networking. OK, so there are no job fairs right now, but you can use online channels to reach out to key employers and show them you’re interested. Continue to have the conversations you’d have in person but online.

Widen your options. If you’re immediately available and looking to start work sooner rather than later, consider working for sectors currently high in demand, such as retail or logistics. There are lots of new and exciting opportunities becoming available, and if you can prove your ability, chances are even if the role is only temporary to support a surge in demand you’ll have a longer term position as things start to return to a new normal.

Be prepared for telephone / video interviews! With social distancing rules still in place, telephone and video interviews are taking precedent. Make sure you’ve read our earlier blogs so you’re best prepared!

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