Rue Itzinger

Nov 19 2020

Job searching during COVID-19

man holding book on road during daytime

2020 has been a funny year, and what’s clear is that there’s no end in sight when it comes to COVID-19. There’s a lot of competition for jobs too, and it’s vital you make sure your CV and applications stand out. Here’s our top tips.

Tailor your CV. Each and every job description gives an overview of the skills and experiences required – depending on your career history, you may have the right skills, but they may not be completely obvious to the hiring manager. Tailor your CV to each application, highlighting the specific experience you have that relates to the needs of the role.

Make sure you apply for relevant roles. It can feel a bit like a numbers game, sending your CV off to as many people as possible. But its totally pointless applying for jobs you can’t do and lots of rejection isn’t great for your mental health – it really is all about quality over quantity!

Keep learning. Whilst you’re job searching, upskilling and retaining is a great way to open new doors in your career and widen your opportunities. Get out there and learn something new!

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