Rachel Pallet

Jul 04 2019

How to improve your warehouse efficiency

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Efficiency in the warehouse is incredibly important. But with so much going on in a usually fast paced environment, it’s easy to miss simple changes you can take to make sure you’re as efficient as possible. Here’s our top tips to stay ahead.

Find the right technology. There’s lots of systems available out there for managing your warehouse processes; find the right software for your needs and take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

Think about your staff. Workstations should be well equipped and organised, giving your staff teams all the resources they need to complete their tasks efficiently. Also by assessing work patterns and designing your layout according to labour needs you can be sure your warehouse runs smoothly.

Maximise your assets! Think about your available space and if you’re using it to your full advantage. You could use tall racks to maximise space if you have a high roof, and acquiring different shelving according to the size of products will ensure you use the space available to you effectively.

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