Rachel Pallet

Feb 21 2019

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Changes to the National Living and National Minimum Wage

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It’s that time of year again! As of April 2019, there are changes coming to the National Living and National Minimum wage.

The National Living Wage and the National Minimum wage rates are paid according to your age. Apprentices are paid the “apprentice” wage if they are 19 or under and in the first year of their apprenticeship.

Please see below the new hourly rates, coming into force as of 1st April:


Current Rate New Rate (April 2019)
Over 25 £7.83 £8.21
21 – 24 £7.38 £7.70
18-20 £5.90 £6.15
Under 18 £4.20 £4.35
Apprentice £3.70 £3.90


If you require any further information, please visit GOV.UK to find out what you’re entitled to.

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