Rue Itzinger

Oct 09 2020

How to be a good line manager

three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard

Throughout our careers, it’s often the people we work with that make the difference, including our line manager. Being an effective line manager is a hugely important role, as it can affect the morale of the team around you and ultimately how your organisation performs. Here’s our top tips for being an effective line manager.

Always listen. It’s easy to do a lot of the talking and directing when you’re in charge, but listening is just as important. Getting to know your reports, what their goals are and if they have any concerns is vital to fulfilling your line management duties. By understanding what your reports want in their future, you can help them to achieve their potential – and you’ll continue to have a happy and content team.

Recognise achievements – AND hard work. We feel great when we get it right, but even if something doesn’t go exactly as planned but a lot of hard work has been put in, it’s important to make sure it’s recognised.

Delegate and be accountable. Just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you have to do anything – learn to delegate and give others responsibilities. But ultimately, you’re always accountable for your team – if mistakes are made, take responsibility and work with your team to avoid them in the future.

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