Rachel Pallet

Apr 05 2019

Which extra curricular activities could give your CV a boost?

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When it comes to adding extra information about your hobbies and interests to your CV, certain activities you take part in can say an awful lot about your attitude and who you are as a person. This information can be highly valuable to potential employers – So if you enjoy any of the below activities, here’s why it’s beneficial to have them on your CV!

Let’s get sporty! It might not seem immediately relevant to your potential new career, but playing sports demonstrates team work – a vital skill for any thriving business. Sport also encourages healthy competition, which can be a very attractive skill depending on your sector.

Volunteering. Offering your services for free outside of work shows commitment and leadership to potential employers. If you volunteer, you’re going above and beyond and all for a good cause – What’s not to like?

Music and theatre. Do you thrive on the stage? Although it might not seem relevant to your career, an interest in performing shows self confidence and creativity, which again are very desirable traits in a new employee.

But be warned! If you don’t partake in any of the above or any other hobbies, we definitely don’t recommend you make up any favourite hobbies; honesty is always the best policy, plus you might find yourself caught up in some tricky conversations with new colleagues!

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