Rachel Pallet

Mar 01 2019

What should we expect for logistics in 2019?

2019 is well underway already, and the sector is poised to enjoy some significant shifts this year. So what are the top trends for logistics in 2019?
It’s all about speed. Consumer demand is continuing to grow – Customers expect a speedy ordering time, as well as a quick delivery. Warehouses and supply chains need to respond to this need for speed.
Bow down to the robots! More automated technology is coming and using robots in the logistics sector is going to become more mainstream this year.
Be ready for disruptors. As technology becomes more advanced, there’s the chance that new business models will come along threatening established models – be aware and ready to adapt.
Risk management is key. The risks to supply chains have rarely been higher, with Brexit threatening to cause major disruption. Risk management is well worth investing in.
Invest in the latest tech. As warehouses become more technical, supply chains must follow suit. Supply chains will become increasingly automated and intelligent.
What do you expect to see in 2019?
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