Rachel Pallet

Jan 02 2020

Driving law changes to watch out for 2020

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It’s here! Welcome to 2020! But be warned, Brexit won’t be the only thing to bring big changes to the UK; there are new driving laws being introduced in 2020 that if you drive for a living you should make sure you’re aware of. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect on the roads in 2020.

Low emissions – In April 2019 London introduced an Ultra Low emission zone scheme, and now other parts of the country are set to introduce their own schemes. Expect to see schemes introduced in Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Cambridge, Edinburgh and other major cities. Diesel drivers will be more heavily affected.

Pavement Parking – The pavement parking pan in London could be extended to other parts of the UK this year – however, with some opposition already existing to this, changes to the law could take time to pass. There’s also a move to introduce a new independent appeals process for all parking charges across the UK.

Driving in the EU – The UK is planning to leave the EU on 31st January 2020; if you’re driving between the UK and the EU, you need to be aware of the required legislation. If the UK leaves without a deal, which could still be a possibility, UK driving licences will need to be backed up by an international permit and you will need to obtain a motor insurance green card. Time will tell in relation to Brexit, but stay alert to any motoring changes as they are announced.

Whatever happens in 2020, make sure you stay up to date on driving law!

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