Rue Itzinger

Nov 04 2020

Drive safely during the night shift

trail photography of running vehicles on street between grass field

Many LGV and HGV drivers will have experienced driving at night – logistics never sleeps! Whilst the night-time can provide clearer roads for supply chains, it’s vital that drivers stay safe for themselves and other road users whilst driving overnight. Here’s how.

Prepare your environment. Make sure your windscreen is clean inside and out, and open the passenger window if you can to circulate oxygen around your vehicle. If you wear glasses, make sure they are clean!

Take provisions. Use caffeine with caution; it may give you a quick energy hit but it will be short lived and may leave you feeling more lethargic in the long run. Instead, stay well hydrated with lots of water and pack healthy snacks and meals with plenty of slow release energy.

Reduce dazzle. Dazzle from oncoming headlights can put further strain on your eyes and increase tiredness. Put your interior light on to reduce the impact of dazzling headlights.

Take a break! Always take your break in full. You should try to stretch both whilst driving and on your break. If you feel too tired to carry on driving, stop immediately.

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