Rachel Pallet

Oct 03 2019

Drive safe this winter

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The colder weather is approaching! If you drive for a living, it’s vital that you adapt your driving to meet the challenges of colder and potentially more hazardous conditions. Here’s our top tips.

Make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge. Check your tyres are in good condition, and make sure you have a good level of antifreeze in your system before setting off anywhere. Stock up on bottled water and blankets, just in case your vehicle breaks down.

Can you see? Ice and snow can compromise visibility – ensure all ice and snow is removed from your vehicle windows. Additionally, make sure your number plates and lights are clear too, to make sure people can see you!

Driving in snow and ice can be dangerous. If you find yourself driving in hazardous conditions, keep your vehicle at a constant speed and consider setting off in 2nd gear to avoid wheel spin. And make sure you use your brakes carefully!

Lastly, always allow extra time for winter journeys and be aware that stopping distances in icy conditions can be up to ten times the normal distance.

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