Rachel Pallet

Apr 12 2019

Why do customers get angry?

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If you work in customer service or support consumers in your role, it’s likely you’ll have at least heard a story of a “bad customer”. We’ve all from time to time experienced angry customers, but usually there are simple reasons why customers get angry – and how it can be avoided or resolved. Here’s our top tips.

Don’t take up valuable time! Your customer is busy. If your systems are taking time or are inefficient, it’s understandable for your customer to get rattled. Make your systems efficient and stress free to ensure your customer can get on their merry way!

Your customer isn’t stupid. It’s no wonder customers get angry with being kept on hold for a long time with little explanation or blatant lies – Be honest if you can’t resolve a problem immediately, be patient and try to be as helpful as possible.

Be polite at all times! Customers get angry when they are treated badly or rudely. Whilst customer service can be challenging, you must stay professional at all times. No excuses!

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