Amy Wiffen

May 11 2017

#careers #interviews #jobs

Common interview questions – and how to answer them!

Although interviews vary from company to company, there are some standard questions that crop up time and again. So how can you answer these questions effectively to secure the job?

Tell me about yourself…

A tricky question at the best of times, and so open to interpretation. It can lead to people giving too much unnecessary information in an interview setting.

Answer: You should give an answer that’s a couple of minutes long, including information about your education and work experience.


Why should I hire you?

Another tough question. The company are seeking a reason as to why you stand out from the crowd.

Answer: Show the interviewer you understand their need and explain how you’ve got the skills to fulfil that need.


What is your weakness?

The question everyone probably dreads. It’s easy here to fall into a trap that makes you look like a weak hire.

Answer: Do give your weakness, but also add how you’ve addressed it and how you are aiming at turning it into a strength.


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