Rachel Pallet

Jan 19 2018

#careers #driving #jobs #LGV

Changes to LGV driving fines are coming

Drivers should be aware that soon enough changes to LGV driving fines will soon be coming into effect. It is paramount that HGV drivers follow all driving regulations, and refuse to drive whilst tired. Breaks must be taken in accordance with the law.

Currently the DVSA can only fine drivers for offences committed on that day, however this will soon be changing. Soon the DVSA will have the power to issue on the spot fines for offences committed in the last 4 weeks, meaning drivers could be fined up to £2500 for 5 offences of regularly breaking driving hours regulations. These regulations include offences committed in the UK or abroad.

Foreign drivers will also be subject to these regulations, and if not based in the UK will have to pay fines on the spot before being allowed to continue with their journey.

Fines can also be issued to drivers not taking their proper rest breaks. Drivers who break these regulations could face fines of up to £300.

The answer to this is simple – Take proper breaks, don’t break driving regulations and in doing so you’ll be safe and efficient on the road!

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