Amy Wiffen

Jul 07 2017

#careers #driving #jobs #tyres #vehicles

Should you buy part worn tyres?


Part worn tyres are available to buy in the UK and can seem like a cheap alternative to brand new tyres. But is it worth it?

It’s not illegal to buy part worn tyres and legislation has been put in place to protect buyers. However, there are also a number of traders who sell part worn tyres illegally too, with faults that are potentially life threatening.

Even part worn tyres that meet legal standards come with risks. Most are imported from Europe with no real history of how long they have been used for or exactly what damage has been done to them, even though they have been repaired.

Although part worn tyres seem like a great alternative for drivers who are seeking a cheaper alternative, in the long run part worn tyres save no money at all. Part worn tyres have to be replaced more often than brand new tyres, as they are already worn down.

So although it’s not illegal to buy and sell part worn tyres, is it worth the risk?

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