Rue Itzinger

Jun 27 2020

Be Aware: The risks of operating a broken forklift

man carrying box using fork liftr

In a busy warehouse environment, it’s inevitable that equipment will break or become damaged. Although it’s tempting to put off making repairs or replacing damaged forklifts, it can cost the warehouse more down the line.

A damaged forklift is a danger to those operating it and others in the warehouse. Accidents are much more likely when equipment is damaged or broken, and injury claims can be much more costly to warehouses than simply replacing the equipment in the first place.

By conducting regular inspections of forklifts and other warehouse equipment, warehouses can avoid having to use damaged equipment and can diagnose issues with forklifts way in advance of them becoming a huge problem. And if investing in new equipment is proving challenging for the business, there’s absolutely the option of purchasing used forklifts – high quality products are generally available but all at a lower cost.

Forklift and warehouse safety is everybody’s business – so make sure your equipment is up to scratch!

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